About Izzi

Welcome to izzi mishka!

I am 52, a Janeite, and a lover of Indian and Japanese textiles.

My name is Izabel or, to most people, Izzi. I’m in a committed relationship with a plump, chatty, tuxedo cat called Sachiko-san and live non-romantically with a male friend in the grey, misty west of Scotland, except when I live by myself in Italy.

I like snowdrops and crocuses, street markets, experimenting with making espresso, 1940s swing music, Indian food, writing, singing along to Italian opera, gin, fried zucchini flowers, sunshine, and and dressing up.

And I’ve discovered that one of the best things about getting older is that all those damns I used to give about things have hitched up their tweed skirts and skedaddled off somewhere else.

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